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Bankruptcy Litigation Attorneys


James S. Bell, PC represents clients in all aspects of litigation in the bankruptcy process. We can prosecute and defend a wide variety of claims and defenses in bankruptcy court.

We handle disputes over use of cash collateral; disputes over debtor in possession financing; litigation involving 363 Sales transactions; litigation involving confirmation of reorganization plans; litigation involving relief from the automatic stay; litigation involving preference recovery actions; litigation involving fraudulent transfer actions; litigation involving claims objections; litigation involving discharge and dischargeability challenges; and some appeals. We can handle bankruptcy litigation matters all across the United States.

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Preliminary Information About Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Fraud – Concealment of Assets

Bankruptcy fraud is a federal criminal violation.  According to the law, it can range from:

Bankruptcy fraud is a white-collar crime that commonly takes four general forms:

  • A debtor conceals assets to avoid having to forfeit them.
  • An individual intentionally files false or incomplete forms. Including false information on a bankruptcy form may also constitute perjury.
  • An individual files multiple times using either false information or real information in several jurisdictions.
  • An individual bribes a court-appointed trustee.

Bankruptcy – Presenting or Using a False Claim

Presenting or using a false claim in bankruptcy is a form of bankruptcy fraud which is a federal criminal violation. First there is an existing proceeding in bankruptcy. Second that the defendant personally presented a claim for proof against the estate of the debtor. Third much of the claim was false. Fourth that the claim when presented was done so knowingly and fraudulently.

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Adversary Proceedings In Bankruptcy Attorney

An adversary proceeding in Bankruptcy occurs when a lawsuit is filed within an existing bankruptcy case. Adversary proceedings can be filed by creditors, the bankruptcy trustee, or the debtor.  If you find yourself in an adversary proceeding then the attorneys at James S. Bell, P.C. can help.

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