International Criminal Defense Attorney
international criminal defense attorneys

At James S. Bell, PC, we practice what is known as international criminal defense. It is a complicated area of the law. That is because it is transnational and it includes the crossing of borders. You need experienced international criminal defense attorneys. We have offices in Dallas and all across the United States where we can help defend you in an international criminal defense case.

Attorney James S. Bell, PC is known throughout the world for his work in international criminal law. International criminal defense charges include white collar crimes, tax fraud, health care fraud, medicare fraud, securities fraud, business fraud, money laundering, arms trafficking, internet crimes, computer crimes, hacking, drug smuggling, and corruption. We can handle all types of international criminal law including subset areas involving extradition, asset forfeiture, and even cases involving Interpol.

James S. Bell is a trial attorney with a track record of success. This page is meant to give you some guidance in the area of international law. As a general rule, international law mandates that a foreign country must inform the US Embassy if a US citizen is arrested in a foreign country. Additionally, there are many treaties. A consular officer can only do so much. That is why you need an experiences international crimes attorney. If a US citizen is convicted of a crime in another country, it is true that depending on agreements between governments, the US citizen could serve his or her sentence in the US.