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James S. Bell, PC has experience and dedication to the various aspects of healthcare law.  Based in Dallas Texas, and able to represent clients around the United States in select cases, our attorneys can represent you in a number of complex legal matters pertaining to healthcare law.

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Defending Healthcare Fraud Cases

It is often the case that schemes defraud drive on the ingenuity of people that are able to manipulate the system in which a pair of health care services is different from the person actually receiving the services.

The majority of all healthcare fraud cases involve some sort of false billing and some sort of misrepresentation or lie on the claim form. As a general rule, false billing is involved in each these cases. And it is clear that Medicare is, by far, the single largest pair in the healthcare services interest industry. In most cases involving fraudulent billing as there are multiple victims including insurance payers, the government, and the insured.

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