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At James S. Bell, PC, we understand that medical professionals have spent years in school and in training in order to get their medical license.  When a complaint is filed, it can tarnish the hard earned reputation of a medical professional.  A lot of times, the complaint is baseless.  That is why the lawyers at James S. Bell, PC defend physicians, nurses, optometrists, pharmacists, podiatrists, veterinarians, dentists, chiropractors, dental hygienists, radiologists, and acupuncturists.  If someone has initiated a complaint, then you need to contact James S. Bell, PC and take the matter very seriously.  


The Texas Medical Board receives and reviews over thousands of complaints in a year. These complaints come from from patients, patient family members, health care professionals and other sources.


Once a complaint is filed, the Texas Medical Board staff will review the complaint and determine whether it warrants investigation. The first threshold question is whether the TMB even has jurisdiction over the complaint. The complaint has to be against a TMB licensee, a physician, a physician assistant, acupuncturist or surgical assistant? Then the question becomes whether the violation allegedly violates the Texas Medical Practices Act. Placing a complaint is easy. But have no fear.


If it is determined that the complaint falls within the jurisdiction of the TMB, then the investigation process begins. The staff begins to try and collect evidence to support the allegations lodged in the complaint. Some examples include sexual contact, prescribing, record requests, bad diagnosis, medical errors, and so forth.


This is the preliminary stage. That means during this initial 45 days, the TMB will probably contact the complainant and possibly the physician. There are generally two types of investigations. One made by an attorney investigator and another made by a physician investigator.


If there is no specific allegation, then no investigation is opened. If the investigation is opened, then the licensee or respondent us usually asked to report more information.


A lot of times there are standard of care issues. Either the case will be referred for dismissal, prosecution, or some kind of remedial plan.


At James S. Bell, PC, we can help you get through this process and save your license.


Sometimes a case is moved to the litigation section. Then there is an informal settlement conference. We need to be involved to make sure that there are either no restrictions or as few restrictions on a license.


If there is no resolution, then we will go to trial at the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH).


At this point, a formal complaint is filed. The case is heard by an administrative law judge. Here, we need to prevent sanctions, suspensions, and other types of bad orders.


Obviously there is much more to this, so call us today at (855) 337-6836 or email us through our contact form to schedule a consultation.


TMB Texas Physician License Defense

Our attorneys handle physician licensing defense. That means the representation of medical doctors. Complaints usually range from inappropriate relationships including sexual relationships, unethical behavior, poor health care, and unprofessional conduct. If you are a medical professional and you need help and your license is on the line then you need to contact James S. Bell, PC. We will research every case. We will find the crucial pieces of evidence. We will come up with the successful legal strategy. Your license and your case matters.


Doctors and surgeons must follow serious rules and regulations. Don’t let a complaint ruin your reputation. We are experienced medical license defense lawyers and we can help you defend against a baseless complaint. The number of complaints is astonishing. That is why you need us on your side. Don’t let them hurt you. Whatever you do, do not bury your head in the sand. Let us help. We will fight for you.


Usually you will receive a letter in the mail. Do not respond. We will work with you to respond to the allegation. We can prepare a defense for you. We will conduct a thorough investigation. We are experienced and we can help you get through these tough times.