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A health care attorney, for litigation or other purposes, can serve as a valuable tool for many businesses and executives. With the great advancement in technology over the past decade modern medicine has increased greatly. Although this technology provides great benefits to patients and doctors, it also leaves the medical professionals with greater exposure to malpractice and other legal challenges. Regulation and legislation surrounding the many areas of practice and their corresponding standards are ever-changing.  Keeping up with these changes can prove to be daunting to many healthcare practitioners and administrators.


New screening methods, diagnostic tools, and survey methods are constantly exposing healthcare professionals to higher levels of risk. Since many patients will confirm a diagnosis through the counsel of multiple doctors, a misdiagnosis can be grounds for a malpractice suit. With society becoming more litigious, a malpractice suit can end up costing the physician millions of dollars, raising the cost of his/her malpractice significantly while also diminishing one’s reputation in the medical community and local community. Many doctors are unaware of how easily this situation can arise.


Treatments with a high degree of risk inherently expose doctors to potential lawsuits. Conducting medicine without legal representation in today’s day and age can not only be a poor financial decision on the part of the health care professional, but it can put their patient’s health, well being, privacy, and personal medical data at risk. Any and all of this can be grounds for a lawsuit. In addition to the expenses incurred, the time and energy required of the healthcare professionals during these legal actions, instead, could be spent to better the lives of their patients.


For example, negative symptoms may occur from a rapid diagnosis and treatment in some patients. When this is the case, many branches of medicine, such as oncology, require the use of dangerous treatments. Oncologists use radiation therapy and drug-based chemotherapy as some of the main courses of action in patients diagnosed with cancer. These treatments can be very effective in fighting the disease, but they also put high levels of physiological stress on the patient, increasing their risks. For that reason, an oncologist’s chosen course of treatment for a cancer patient could be chemotherapy, and that may put the healthcare professional at greater risk.


Additionally, the laws surrounding the business side of healthcare are changing.  If a physician’s practice gets accused of fraudulent Medicare billing due to not being aware of recent changes in the laws then such action could put the practice’s future in jeopardy.  Not being aware of regulation changes also could put into the jeopardy the future of supporting healthcare business such laboratories for blood, urine and toxicology as well as compounding pharmacies.


Whether the healthcare professional is conducting high-risk treatments, or routine patient visits, it’s important for them to have legal representation through a law professional. Health care law professionals can provide legal representation, along with consultations, often at a better rate than malpractice insurance. While not necessary, it’s a good idea to have a healthcare legal representative on your side.  For legal representation or consultations, you are welcome to contact us today.