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We take the tough case...

The make or break cases where companies, careers, and reputations are riding on the result.

True to our roots as trial lawyers, we relish the courtroom battles. Still, whether we go to trial, settle, or just make the problem go away, what matters is obtaining the best result for our clients.

Results matter. We have tried and litigated complex, high-stakes civil and criminal cases throughout the nation, obtaining the best possible results for our clients. We take the tough cases, the make or break cases where companies, products, careers are riding on the result. It’s in the nature of tough cases to end up in court where our expertise and deep bench of trial lawyers shines. Indeed, we have found our eagerness to try cases often helps them settle. Put simply, we deploy trial-ready “strike teams” composed of some of the best trained lawyers in America and led by attorneys who have achieved historic results in a variety of complex and challenging cases. Led by Fellows of the American College of Trial Lawyers, we have successfully tried dozens of cases in forums across the country, and amassed an extraordinary record of high-profile victories, including hundreds of millions in settlements.

Healthcare Fraud Trial and Defense Attorney James S. Bell

We can offer you a detailed defense and assistance in cases and investigations that are in charge and even in other institutions that cover the IRS and the FBI, as well as cases and investigations that are under the jurisdiction of DOJ, DEA, CMS, DHHS, OIG.

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$100s of Millions in Saving To Defendants

$2+ Billion For Plaintiffs

1,000s of Dismissals, Acquittals & Declinations of Prosecutions


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“When companies, careers, and reputations are riding on the results, we will go all the way.”

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