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-James S. Bell
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We take the tough case—the make or break cases where companies, careers, and reputations are riding on the result. True to our roots as trial lawyers, we relish the courtroom battles. Still, whether we go to trial, settle, or just make the problem go away, what matters is obtaining the best result for our clients.

lawyer james bell

James S. Bell

Trial Lawyer

James S. Bell, a trial lawyer with a history of winning some important verdicts, is a warrior and fights for his clients. He is licensed to practice law in the states of Texas, New York and California. He is admitted to practice in numerous federal district courts and the United States Supreme Court.
Cody Skipper lawyer

Cody Skipper

Attorney of Counsel

Known for his effective advocacy and relentless trial preparation, Cody Skipper is committed to defending and protecting the rights of the accused. Whether an individual is facing a misdemeanor or felony charge in state or federal court, Cody helps his clients make informed decisions by explaining the criminal process, including grand jury proceedings, charges, plea negotiations, trial strategy, and possible time of incarceration and forfeiture of property. Cody cares about his clients, as well as the effect a criminal case has on an individual’s life and family.
Toby Shook attorney

Toby Shook

Attorney of Counsel

Toby Shook is known as one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Texas having tried over 300 jury trials. After an unprecedented career with the Dallas District Attorney’s Office, where he earned a reputation as being one of the nation’s top prosecutors, Toby Shook entered private practice to represent citizens accused of all criminal wrongdoing by both State and Federal authorities.

Litigation Percentage
100% of Practice Devoted to Litigation

Honors and Awards

Best Criminal Defense Lawyer, “D” Magazine, 2007 – 2016
Super Lawyers, 2003 – 2016
NTL Top 100 Trial Lawyers, 2012
One of the 500 Leading Lawyers in America by Law Dragon Magazine, 2007
Lone Star Award Winner, TDCAA, 2002
“Go-To Prosecutor” Texas Lawyer, 2002
Home Run Hitters Award, NDAA, 2003


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