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Drawing on our experience as trial lawyers, we approach cases differently than other law firms that seek merely to “litigate.” We begin every matter with the assumption that it will be tried. This focuses us on the essential facts, documents, and witnesses that are likely to decide the outcome of each case. As a result, not only are we always prepared to try the case, but we avoid unnecessary pretrial disputes, minimize discovery costs, and obtain superior outcomes for our clients.

We select the most talented attorneys and train them like no other firm, so that we can offer our clients the strongest teams from top to bottom. Our attorneys hail from the top law schools in the country. We seek to align our firm’s financial incentives with those of our clients by offering fee structures based on performance and client budgeting priorities. We spend time learning our clients’ businesses and objectives, and train our teams to think like “outside GCs.” It is our goal to be the first choice for clients when everything is on the line. Our clients are individuals, as well as some of the most successful companies in the world.

Our areas of expertise include intellectual property (representing plaintiffs and defendants in patent, copyright, trademark and trade secrets matters), professional liability (representing major law firms and accounting firms), class actions (including RICO, antitrust, consumer, false advertising, unfair business practices and securities cases), general contract and commercial litigation, antitrust, white collar, and appellate.

James S. Bell has been singled out for success in high-stakes litigation. James S. Bell handles cases of national importance. Not only do they win consistently, they do so while working in an environment that is a model for the legal industry in the areas of diversity and pro bono.

We design and execute innovative strategies in close consultation with our clients. Depending on the case, our litigation strategy may involve gutting an opponent’s case through strategic motions, prevailing at trial, or positioning the case for the best possible settlement.

Carrying out cost-effective litigation strategies requires lawyers who are not just book-smart, but also strategic thinkers who exercise top-notch judgment. All of our partners have significant trial experience, which allows them to often outperform larger groups of attorneys by carefully anticipating and managing every phase of a case. Many of our attorneys also utilize the experience gained from clerking for federal district or circuit court judges, and working as public prosecutors or public defenders.

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