Anti-Kickback Defense Lawyer

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If you need a defense attorney for an anti-kickback case or related situation then you are welcome to contact us today.  Here is some preliminary information about the Anti-Kickback Statute and Stark Law:

  • Penalties can be both criminal and civil
  • Anti-Kickback prohibits the paying, soliciting or receiving any form of compensation for the referral of patients and/or inducing purchases, leases or orders
  • Speak with your chosen counsel about the “Intent Requirement” where a person may not even need to have actual knowledge of a specific intent to commit a violation
  • There are exceptions, including what are known as “safe harbors”
  • You need to know what is needed to comply with safe harbors
  • Which exceptions can be made if a physician or immediate family member has a financial relationship with entities that provide healthcare services
  • What are deemed to be “designated health services”
  • In-office exceptions
  • What are “under arrangements” and how they fit in with Stark Law
  • Much more


Feel free to watch James discuss more about the federal Anti-Kickback statute in the video below as well as other videos pertaining to this topic:

You are welcome to contact us today to discuss your specific situation and how we might represent your case in the near future.