Healthcare Fraud Defense Lawyer

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Recently state and federal law enforcement agencies have focused far more aggressively on dealing with health care fraud. The federal government has established a number of multi-agency task forces, both in the state of Texas and throughout the United States, whose sole objective is investigating and prosecuting fraud in the health care industry. This unfortunately means that there is an increased likelihood that hardworking health care professionals, who often make honest mistakes, will find themselves a target of criminal investigations or even find themselves charged with criminal offenses.

James S. Bell represents individuals including doctors, hospital administrators, health care entrepreneurs and also businesses like hospitals, clinics and device companies in health care fraud cases in the Dallas-Fort Worth region, throughout the state of Texas and across the United States.

He defends his clients against charges that include:

  • Medicare Fraud.
  • Medicaid Fraud.
  • Medical Equipment Fraud
  • Overbilling.
  • Upcoding.
  • Unbundling.
  • Double Billing.
  • Submitting False Invoices.
  • HIPAA Violations

While the government has almost infinite resources at its disposal in health care fraud investigations and prosecutions, James S. Bell is able to counter this and is able to employ a number of strategies to gain a significant advantage for his clients in these cases.

In the early stages of the investigations, he will begin to determine the defense theory and assemble all the supporting facts as soon as possible. After that he’ll meet with the government and seek a declination of prosecution at the earliest possible juncture. If neither a declination or a favorable plea agreement can be reached and a case proceeds to a trial, he and his highly experienced trial attorneys will add jury consultants to the team in order to gain another additional advantage and greatly increase the likelihood of success for his clients.

James S. Bell routinely deals with the most complex, high-stakes and high-profile health care fraud cases. He understands that his clients face the loss of reputation, income, professional license and in some cases even imprisonment. Because James S. Bell will agree to represent only a small select percentage of those who seek his services, he is available at any time of the day or night to his clients during this extremely stressful time, so contact us today.

Here are some YouTube videos featuring James and his thoughts on various forms of health care fraud: