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The attorneys at James S. Bell, PC can represent you if you believe that you need counsel for child support modification anywhere in the State of Texas.  Many of the commonly asked questions about this can be found on the Attorney General of Texas’ web page found here.


Some of the more commonly asked questions are:

  • What are the circumstances when modification is permitted?
  • What type of income changes (increases or decreases) would affect child support?
  • What happens if there is a change in employment status?
  • What documentation is needed to substantiate the request for modification?
  • What happens if one or both of the parents decides to get remarried?
  • Can a modification happen if one of the parents decides to move to another state for work or family reasons?
  • Can a modification be temporary due to an emergency situation?
  • Does a disability occurring after the divorce open up the possibility of modification?
  • How do changes in child support laws affect payments if enacted after the divorce was made official?


There are several more questions which people commonly have.  You are welcome to contact us and schedule an appointment to discuss your specific situation.