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Sometimes after a divorce where one parent is given primary custody of the children, the grandparents of those children can find themselves fighting with that parent to try to spend time with their own grandchildren. Sometimes a parent may even outright refuse to let the grandparents see their own grandchildren. But grandparents have visitation rights under Texas law, too.


If you are a grandparent in this situation, a Texas family lawyer can help you enforce your rights under Texas law to remain a part of your grandchild or grandchildren’s lives.


A Texas family lawyer can file a suit in Texas court requesting a court order granting a grandparent the right to visit their grandchild or grandchildren. In that suit, the lawyer advocating for the grandparent will try to establish certain facts on the grandparent’s behalf proving that they are entitled to visit their grandchild or grandchildren even though the parent objects to such visitation.


Such facts must overcome a presumption that the custodial parent is acting in the best interests of the child by objecting to visitation by the grandparent. Thus, your family law attorney will present evidence to the court that the grandparent having access to the child is in the child’s best interests.


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