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When you know you do not have full understanding of your spouse’s assets — or assets owned jointly — you need to take extra care during your divorce to protect your claim to a fair share of community property during property division negotiations.

To trace and find hidden assets, we work with experts in the field, including investigators and forensic accountants. Once we locate hidden assets or evidence of marital financial fraud, we then undertake the valuation process to ensure they are included in the marital estate.


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Spousal Support and Child Support in High Net Worth Divorce Cases


The financial circumstances of each spouse at the conclusion of the divorce will also influence the decision concerning payment of spousal support. In many high net worth divorce cases, one of the spouses has been economically dependent on the other spouse during the marriage and will now require alimony payments to make the transition back to being financially self-sufficient. Spousal support is also awarded in some cases in which one of the spouses is to blame for the failure of the marriage, such as through adultery or domestic violence.


Another consideration that frequently comes up in high net worth divorce is high-earner child support. If your monthly net income is in excess of $7,500, you may be subject to a different set of calculations to determine how much you will be required to pay in support to the other parent.

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Preserving Your Privacy During Divorce Proceedings

Court filings during the divorce and the final divorce decree are public records. However, there are dispute resolution strategies, including divorce mediation, which may help keep the details of your negotiations with your spouse out of the public eye. Especially in high net worth divorces, important goals include maintaining a client’s privacy by not revealing financial or personal details to the public. Divorce mediation may also be less costly than a divorce trial, thus preserving a higher percentage of the marital estate for the divorcing spouses and their children.

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Early Legal and Financial Advice Is Critically Important

If you believe divorce is in your future and there are significant assets at stake, it is paramount you seek and obtain legal counsel as early as possible. Even before the divorce proceedings begin, your lawyer can advise you of protection strategies to help you maintain control of as high a percentage of the marital assets as possible.

We work with certified public accountants and other qualified experts to ensure your property division is in your best interests.  We vigorously pursue the accurate valuation of properties, the tracing of any hidden or undisclosed assets, and the examination of any prenuptial agreements.


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