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A petition to establish the paternity may be filed in various circumstances, including:

  • by a mother wishing to enforce child support obligations and receive assistance in rearing the child.
  • by an alleged father to establish that they are not the father of a child in order to forego supporting a child that does not belong to them.
  • by a father to establish parentage so that he may assert his rights to custody and/or visitation rights.

It’s very important that fathers wishing to establish their paternity rights under Texas law do so within the first 3 years of the child’s life. If parentage is not established by the time the child turns 3 years of age, a father could permanently lose many parental rights under Texas law.

Located in Dallas, Texas, and serving clients throughout the DFW area, James S. Bell provides experienced representation to individuals with paternity issues. Mr. Bell is dedicated to protecting your interests and enforcing your rights. Before you make any decisions, consult Mr. Bell to make sure you have the information you need.

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