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A high net worth divorce in the DFW area typically is a more complex process than a regular divorce.  While the normal emotions relating to any divorce will be there, a high end divorce can be a difficult process for both parties.  This is because entities beyond the two spouses and children often are involved.

These can include:

  • Retirement and pension accounts which are unique such as SEP-IRA, Keough and private pension plans
  • High end or customized insurance policies have to be addressed
  • Shares of stock, interests in businesses and limited partnerships and living trusts and established estate planning vehicles have to be allocated
  • Stock options, buyout packages, and similar corporate executive benefits must be allocated
  • Unique assets which can’t get divided need to get allocated such as rare art, collectibles, precious metals, rare cars and vacation or investment properties
  • Existing prenuptial agreements as well as helping you with post-nuptial agreements
  • How your family business can continue to run even if the two primary owners/partners are getting divorced
  • Many other unique assets or situations need to get addressed in any sort of property division


Additionally, the care and future for your family members needs to be addressed such as:

  • Child custody and visitation rights
  • Care for elderly family members
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Modifying child support should one party have a significant increase or decrease in wealth and/or income in the subsequent years
  • Education for your children
  • Many other topics


Our attorneys have years of experience handling high publicity divorces in the Dallas Fort Worth and North Texas region.   When you contact us you will be able to set an appointment to discuss your specific situation and have us explain the property division laws and other family law pertaining to separation and divorce.

We can help you with accurate valuations of your assets, and we can research to discover hidden assets or other assets (tangible or intangible) which may benefit you once the divorce is finalized.  We work to get accurate valuations in order to increase the chances to give you a favorable outcome during the processes of property division, child custody and visitation and the other aspects pertaining to a divorce.

You may contact us at (214) 668-9000 to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys.


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