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As a trial attorney, there are several defenses to a child pornography possession charge.

First, there is the unintentional possession defense.  This means that you didn’t mean to have child pornography in your possession.  The material wasn’t yours or someone else placed it on one of your devices.  Sometimes there are shared computers in the house.  Sometimes people can plant child pornography on one of your computing devices.  You need a computer forensics expert to clean this up.  But this is something we can prove with an experienced trial lawyer like James S. Bell.

Second, there than be an accidental possession defense which means that all the virus’ and malware out there can cause the automatic download of child pornography on the computer.  Accidental possession can be a valid defense to a child pornography charge.

Third, there is the illegal search and seizure defense.  Sometimes law enforcement may violate the Fourth Amendment.

Fourth, entrapment can be a defense.  Entrapment is when law enforcement induces you to commit an offense.

Fifth, it might not be child porn on the computer.

Sixth, sometimes people have an addiction problem.  This is not a great defense but it can help minimize a sentence.

If you or a loved one have been charged with possession of child pornography then you need to call an experienced attorney like James S. Bell.  Contact us today to schedule a complimentary initial consultation.