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Some Notes On Healthcare Fraud

This blog post is simple collection of notes and links to other resources on the topic of Federal healthcare fraud. You may contact us if

Medical License Defense

At James S. Bell, PC, we understand that medical professionals have spent years in school and in training in order to get their medical license.

Opioid Fraud And New Congressional Act

We just added some new resources to our page about those needing legal representation regarding fraud pertaining to opioid manufacturing, pharmacists and other distribution. In

Medicare Reimbursement System Overview

We just added a comprehensive overview of the Medicare reimbursement system.  If you are being investigated or charged with Medicare false (fraudulent) billing and reimbursement

Medicare False Billing And Reimbursement Rules

We are starting to add a decent amount of new content specific to Medicare false billing and reimbursement.  The first part is now uploaded, giving

New Healthcare Fraud Content Added

We have added several new pages to the website’s section on healthcare fraud, including: Stark Law Compounding pharmacy fraud Toxicology laboratory fraud Fraud pertaining to