Matthew Segedy

Matt Segedy is a former Special Agent with the FBI with a career span of over 24 years specializing in white collar crimes. His resume includes, but is not limited to: two years focusing on Domestic and International Terrorism Matters, as well as Foreign Counter Intelligence, six years focusing on general health care fraud matters, specifically Medicare (Part A and Part B), Medicaid, home healthcare, chiropractic, staged automobile accidents, and pharmaceutical diversion fraud. Matt ran the multi-agency health care fraud task force during much of this time.

He also spent 10 years focusing on bank fraud, securities fraud, money laundering, mortgage fraud, ponzi schemes, corporate bust out schemes, and bankruptcy fraud. Matt also spent 18 years as a member of an FBI SWAT team (ancillary duty), focusing on high risk arrests/entries, breaching, rappel, tactical planning, dignitary protection, and all facets of LE clears and dynamic entries; with the last three years as the full time Senior Team Leader, supervising 35 SWAT Operators and TOC personnel

Segedy Consulting & Investigations, LLC is a state licensed private investigation firm (License #A20621) focused on investigations of white-collar criminal and civil matters for corporate and professional clients