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Divorce And Family Law Attorney For Preston Hollow And North Dallas

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Divorces in North Dallas and Preston Hollow have the potential to be significantly more complex and involved than other divorces in the DFW region. While this is not always the case, some divorces from the North Dallas area have made local and national news in recent years.

Our attorneys are experienced in several matters pertaining to divorce and separation which most couples outside the affluent areas of DFW (like North Dallas) do not have to consider. Here are just some of those topics:


Next Steps

There are several more topics which can affect the financial future and overall well-being of the spouse and children during a divorce with these kinds of situations. If you are considering a divorce, or if you seek legal counsel for family law matters pertaining to North Dallas, Preston Hollow or elsewhere in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas region then you are welcome to call us or contact us (click here) to schedule a consultation.