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This page will give short recaps of some recent results for attorney James S. Bell.  Please note that these results are not a guarantee of what you can expect in regards to your particular situation.

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Results For James S. Bell, PC

  • Acquittal of all charges in jury trial
  • Successfully represented physician in federal healthcare investigation regarding alleged kickbacks and false claims
  • Dismissal of charges against physician in Department of Labor (“DOL”) healthcare investigation
  • Declination of a federal criminal investigation of a physician for healthcare fraud
  • Dismissal of a 118 count criminal indictment against physician
  • Dismissal of a fraud indictment against executive
  • Declination of a federal criminal investigation for bank fraud
  • Declination of a federal criminal investigation for money laundering
  • Declination of a federal criminal investigation for mortgage fraud
  • Declination of a FCPA investigation no DOJ or SEC charges brought
  • Declinations of separate criminal and SEC stock option backdating investigations
  • Termination of a lengthy criminal pharmaceutical investigation
  • Declination of a three-year financial structuring and money laundering investigation
  • Served as lead trial counsel in a summary jury trial for limited partners. This was an investment fraud case involving a 270-acre raw land development in Texas. Obtained two unanimous jury verdicts for fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and willful misconduct: $4.5 million and $4.6 million respectively
  • Served as lead trial counsel for free-standing medical center. Obtained a substantial jury verdict plus prevailing party attorney’s fees against a regional hospital
  • Served as lead trial counsel for pharmacy. Obtained a $4.15 million fraud judgment against publicly traded company (OTC) for stealing insurance and federally funded prescription reimbursements
  • Served as lead trial counsel for healthcare company against medical physician. Obtained a substantial jury verdict against physician for breach of fiduciary duty. Case settled very favorably for Client
  • Served as lead trial counsel for candidate in Dallas County election dispute. After cross examination of Dallas County election official, the Plaintiff (a Dallas County Constable herself) dismissed her entire case
  • Served as trial counsel in $167 million fraud dispute involving natural gas producing landfill. After jury trial, case settled on favorable terms for Client
  • Successfully served as lead counsel for a physician group and a billing company in a $50 million dispute involving the “Corporate Practice of Medicine.” There were approximately 22 physician plaintiffs. Case settled very favorably for Clients.
  • Served as lead trial counsel for famous nightclub in real estate dispute. Obtained a defense verdict (10-2) and the jury deliberated for approximately 26 minutes
  • Served as lead trial counsel for law firm and its high-profile managing partner in a $1 million fraud and defamation case. On the day of trial, the case settled for $5,000.00 immediately prior to opening statement
  • Served as lead trial counsel in an acquisition dispute involving 42 million gallons of fuel. At the close of evidence and five minutes prior to closing argument, the Clients received a substantial settlement
  • Successfully served as counsel in ethanol plant construction case against major international insurance company. Case settled for $1.5 million immediately after Voir Dire.
  • Obtained $50 million settlement package for Client arising from a confidential dispute
  • Served as lead defense counsel for high net worth client in a sexual assault case. Plaintiff claimed she was physically attacked in Las Vegas and demanded $10 million. Obtained a complete dismissal for Client after discovering the Plaintiff filed a lawsuit against different Defendants involving the same injuries
  • Served as lead counsel for investors and enjoined the $11 million sale of a technology company. Obtained approximately $4 million in cash for Clients within two weeks
  • Member of team that prosecuted Sears Roebuck & Co. in class action. Settlement value was in excess $50 million
  • Served as lead counsel for a Florida casino owner for alleged tip pool violations under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Obtained a complete dismissal for Client
  • Served as lead counsel for contractor in $2 million dispute. Obtained summary judgment on all claims against Plaintiff John Doe and all claims except one against Plaintiff Jane Doe. Case settled very favorably for Client.
  • Served as lead counsel in a publicized criminal investigation and subsequent Grand Jury proceedings involving a District Judge and allegations of corruption and bribery. No indictment for Clients during my representation
  • Represented CEO in multi-million dollar criminal real estate fraud investigation involving alleged misuse of the adverse possession statutes. Client was investigated by the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office. Case closed with no indictment
  • Served as lead trial counsel in two-week wrongful death jury trial. Verdict for defense
  • Served as lead counsel against major bank for employment discrimination. Client was a female, pregnant, and African American. Settled very favorably for Client
  • Resolution of an attorney general investigation into alleged healthcare fraud
  • Resolution of SEC and FDIC investigations
  • Declinations of a highly publicized health care fraud investigation for Toxicology Lab and individual “targets”
  • Declination for hospital system in connection with a criminal healthcare fraud investigation
  • Successfully represented an institutional health care provider in a government investigation
  • Successfully represented attorney SEC investigation regarding investor disclosures
  • Represented Pharmacy (“Pharma”) in resolving a complex criminal and civil investigation by the United States Department of Justice. The investigation had a broad focus on sales and marketing practices for numerous products
  • Successfully defended civil claims brought by the SEC and FDIC against a former Officer in connection with the bank’s failure
  • Represented Toxicology Company in settling a criminal and civil matters matter with the United States Department of Justice
  • Lead counsel to Pharmacy on numerous investigations into physician interaction practices and the marketing and promotion of various prescription drugs by the Department of Justice, multiple state Attorneys General, Congress and the Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Lead counsel to Pharmacy in a Department of Justice investigation into physician payments, sales and marketing issues and good manufacturing practices, as well in federal and state lawsuits
  • Successfully represented a major pharmaceutical company in a False Claims Act and related investigation involving alleged violations of the Medicaid rebate statute
  • Reviewed allegations of FDA regulatory violations relating to sales and promotion of pharmaceutical products
  • Successfully represented a large Russian oil company defendant
  • Successfully defended a large pharmaceutical company in major lawsuit
  • Successfully defended a hedge fund against RICO conspiracy allegations
  • Successfully defended a large medical products company in a government investigation
  • Successfully represented physicians in a DOJ investigation
  • Represented a former executive in a SEC investigation regarding trading by a relative in advance of the public announcement of a tender offer. We convinced the SEC not to pursue an enforcement action against our client
  • Represented a pharmaceutical executive in an SEC investigation into possible insider trading in offshore trusts. We were able to convince the SEC not to pursue insider-trading claims against our client
  • Represented an energy company and its senior executive in an SEC investigation of possible insider trading. The investigation was closed with no enforcement action
  • Over a multi-year period, we represented a financial institution in multiple investigations into potential insider trading and improper disclosures of information by the financial institution’s employees
  • Motion to suppress granted in favor of client (Motion To Suppress Granted)