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Author: Matt

New Divorce And Family Law Content Added

We have added several pages to our website in the Family Law section.  You may click this link to get to our Family Law content:http://jamesbellpc.com/practice-areas/family-law/ The new articles include topics on:Divorce and dealing with employment benefits The concealment of assets during a divorce Addressing the equity and operations of a business or professional practice during a divorce Enforcement of child support orders Temporary spousal maintenance during a divorce Grandparents rights You are welcome to schedule an initial consultation with us should you wish to review the specifics of your family law, separation or divorce situation.  Call us or click the link...

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New YouTube Videos

We recently have added several videos to our YouTube channel on the topic of family law and divorce, as well as Federal healthcare fraud and other legal topics pertaining to the medical industry such as:False statements to Federal investigators or officials Fraudulent Medicare billing Anti-kickback statute issues Federal False Claims Act investigations and cases Many more You are welcome to see all of our YouTube videos on our channel at this link:  CLICK HERE...

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YouTube Channel Link

If you are looking for our YouTube channel then you are welcome to click the link below:James S. Bell, PC YouTube channel link On this channel you will see YouTube videos featuring James S. Bell, video playlists organized around specific family law and healthcare law topics, and other relevant video content.   Future videos and playlists added to our channel will be mentioned on this website's updates section and our social media properties.  Thank you.  ...

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